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Flywheel Foundation 2023 Impact Report

2023 was an exciting year for the Flywheel Foundation which stimulated a pipeline flow of early-stage teams and companies numbering over 300 and supported the creation, launch, and nurturing of more than 100 companies. Our overall audience reach, membership and services have grown dramatically as we refine our service offerings and expand our geographic reach. In 2023 four cities and counties reached out to Flywheel for assistance in developing coworking innovation centers to support entrepreneurship and organic economic development. In response to this demand, the Foundation has formalized...

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Understanding Total Cost of Occupancy: Why Coworking Is More Affordable Than You Think

At Flywheel Coworking, we often hear from potential members who are comparing the costs of coworking to traditional subleases for office space. While it’s true that coworking might appear more expensive upfront, we believe in providing a complete picture of the costs involved. That’s where the concept of Total Cost of Occupancy (TCO) comes in. What is Total Cost of Occupancy (TCO)? TCO is a financial metric that takes into account all the expenses associated with occupying office space, beyond just the rent. It’s a comprehensive way to understand the true cost of a workspace...

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ConvergeSouth 2023 Is Coming to the Greater Charlotte Region

Concord, NC – August 22, 2023— ConvergeSouth 2023, a two-day Expo and Conference featuring founders, entrepreneurs, and investors coming together from across the Southeast, will be held for the first time in the Greater Charlotte Region on October 5th and 6th in downtown Concord, NC. The event is open to the public who are encouraged to attend. For registration and complete information on the conference go to www.convergesouth.com. “This is one of the largest gatherings of startups in the Southeast”, said Peter Marsh, a partner in Flywheel and a founding Director of the Flywheel Foundation....

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