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You’re So Fly: Mark Shropshire

Here at Flywheel, it is our members that make our community so vibrant and worthwhile. At last month’s Community Day, we had the privilege of hearing from longtime Flywheeler Mark Shropshire on his driving values in life and how he cultivates intentional connections.

Mark’s Professional Journey

Mark “Shrop” Shropshire is Senior Technical Director at Mediacurrent, an open source product company, and he enjoys working at the intersection of leadership and technology. A frequent speaker at local and national conferences, he is actively involved in the open source space and has led some of the world’s most complex composable web projects across a wide range of sectors. These days, he’s working on some exciting new products and services, but tells us he’s keeping them underwraps for now.

An avid creator and innovator, Mark is also the founder of FocalGroove, an audio and visual content creation agency. Through FocalGroove, Mark helps small businesses focus on their core needs while showing their excellence through fantastic media and content. Mark also co-founded the Concord Software Developers, a thriving monthly Meetup group at Flywheel for anyone interested in talking tech, as well as the Concord Photography and Videography group for creatives of any level.

Mark’s Personal Success

In his personal life, Mark defines himself as an “individual deeply invested in family and community”. He considers himself privileged to be a loving husband to his wife, Lisa, and proud father to his daughter, Emily Grace. In addition to his family roles, he also is a member of the Dream Team at Propel Church, where he passionately serves the church in numerous capacities.

Mark’s Three Main Principles

There are three principles that Mark lives by. They are building community, not giving up on your vision, and not giving up on people. “I find immense satisfaction in nurturing a strong community while witnessing real-life change,” he notes. Additionally, he added, “I enjoy mentoring others in various aspects of life and personal improvement. I love building community and helping people grow.”

Mark as a Flywheel Member

As an engaged Flywheel member, Mark is always ready to support a fellow entrepreneur. He eagerly encourages founders to reach out and schedule time with him using the Flywheel Mentoring Deck or directly. “I am happy to learn what you are doing and how I can best serve you.”

Mark is an invaluable addition to our community of coworkers here at Flywheel. We are grateful to have him as a collaborator, a creator, and someone who drives forward the power of community.

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