You’re So Fly: Susan Jones

Here at Flywheel Coworking, we have the privilege of hosting some of the brightest minds and most dedicated community builders. Among them is Susan Jones, a familiar face from the Greater Charlotte office of NC Biotechnology Center. Susan’s passion lies in nurturing biotech startups, a role she has fulfilled with unwavering dedication for over a decade. Her presence on the Cabarrus Center’s Entrepreneurship Council underscores her commitment to fostering innovation and growth within our community. Having grown up in Concord, Susan’s roots run deep in the area, and her enthusiasm for seeing it...

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Spotlight on Dave Goren: Fueling the Future of Sports Media

For anyone who has ever paid a visit to Flywheel, there is a very likely chance that you’ve struck up a conversation with Dave Goren. While he is certainly a friendly and familiar face around the office, he would also be recognized by most Winston natives who have tuned into WXII-TV where he spent over 20 years in sports broadcasting. Goren continues his long-standing career and lasting legacy through his role as the Executive Director of the National Sports Media Association, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to helping students and young professionals in their path to success while...

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You’re So Fly with Nick Newman

At Flywheel, we believe in recognizing the outstanding contributions of our members who go above and beyond to make a positive impact in their communities. This month, we are thrilled to shine the spotlight on Nick Newman, a dedicated pastor at Propel Church in Mt. Pleasant, NC and Founder of Selah Fly Fishing. Nick’s passion for serving his community is truly inspiring. As a pastor at Propel Church, he is deeply committed to nurturing spiritual growth and creating a welcoming space for all. Most notably as of late, the church has experienced remarkable growth, and they are now on the...

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The Heart Behind “The Go-To Winston-Salem

Flywheel Members Christy Bellis and Jacob Gauthier Discuss the Importance of Community In the heart of Winston-Salem, a homegrown publication has been making waves by shining a spotlight on the community and its local businesses. “The Go-To Winston Salem,” founded by Christy Bellis during the turbulent times of COVID-19, has grown into a beloved newsletter that truly embodies the spirit of our vibrant city. A Mission Born in Crisis When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, it brought unprecedented challenges to communities worldwide. For Winston-Salem, the pandemic threatened the survival...

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Mark S., software developer

You’re So Fly: Mark Shropshire

Here at Flywheel, it is our members that make our community so vibrant and worthwhile. At last month’s Community Day, we had the privilege of hearing from longtime Flywheeler Mark Shropshire on his driving values in life and how he cultivates intentional connections. Mark’s Professional Journey Mark “Shrop” Shropshire is Senior Technical Director at Mediacurrent, an open source product company, and he enjoys working at the intersection of leadership and technology. A frequent speaker at local and national conferences, he is actively involved in the open source space and has led some of...

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Flywheel Members Daniel Alvarez and Jason Levinson Unveil AI Big Picture, Redefining Strategic Solutions

Since the start, Flywheel has made it a mission to not just provide a space for people to work, but a space for them to grow. We have always been centered around our commitment to the entrepreneurial community and the spirit of innovation in Winston Salem. It always feels incredible when we get to see the product of that energy through the success of our members. But it is extra special when we see them succeeding together. Flywheel members Daniel Alvarez and Jason Levinson have been working together for almost three months in a partnership that was born out of this space. After being placed...

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